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We have worked with Franchise networks for the last 16 years, and have helped them with business process automation to put many of their core functions online, not only saving them time and money, but also giving them a competitive advantage in their market.

They no longer need to visit their Franchisees as often, and are able to manage their processes more effectively without losing sight or control of the process. As many of these systems are internal, the scoping and workflow is more important than the design – there is no point building a system that no one likes using or is overly complicated, because they won’t want to use it.

Things we have built in the past include;

  • Business process automation – We have created systems that allow head offices to map out process changes in detail and then ensure that franchisees understand and implement them by adding a level of evidence collation. This could include adding photos, uploading documents or simply ticking a box – that way, they are able to maintain a high level of control of the project. This is very much in line with where all digital services are heading, so is something that users are becoming increasingly comfortable with.
  • Internal promotions – We have built systems to encourage and educate franchisees on selling or promoting a particular product, this could be a physical product or service, or it could be a loyalty card. Frequently this is tied to either direct rewards or entries into a prize draw to encourage participation across the franchise network.
  • Franchise roll out – We have built systems that manage the entire roll out process for a new franchise from the moment they sign the contract to the moment they open their doors. This is particularly useful where the franchise is systemised and there is a strict protocol in the process management.
  • Digital Asset Management – We have built many systems that not only give franchisees access to brand collateral, but also include education on what is (and what is not) allowed. Although this can be included in a brand guideline, we also include the relevant parts in the top of pages, so that this is kept front and centre in the user mindset when downloading assets.
  • Training sites – We have built systems that manage induction training as well as specialist training. By running it from a system, you can ensure that all staff in a franchise receive the same baseline training.
  • Franchise specific websites – We have built bespoke WordPress themes, so that a franchisee is able to create its own website, whilst remaining on-brand and retaining control of the process.
  • Franchise management systems – We have built a number of online systems over the years to help Franchisors to automate and manage their Franchisees, we specialise in designing and building bespoke franchise management systems for our clients

We are proud to be members of the Quality Franchise Association, and work with them to help Franchisors to automate and expand their Franchise business whilst maintaining quality, consistancy and keeping control.

If you want to chat, email me to organise a call, or better still send us a brief (which could be for a project you have already completed) to see how we approach things.

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School Days Direct – Having initially created their website and first online shop in 2015, Kehorne were tasked with developing their “direct-to-school” offering – creating a new website and secure shopping platform that would enable them to grow their current online shop from 8 to 42 schools in phase one.
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Rapid rollout of new brand websites
– Explorative and forward thinking, this client continuously creates and tests new dining concepts and formats, which include a mixture of full restaurants and also dark kitchens (where you can only order via a delivery service). As this process of trialling is based on the ‘build fast, fail quickly’ model, it is important that they are able to create a website quickly and economically to support the new brand.
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Online system to manage hotel conversions – this client asked us to work with them on business process automation, to create a system to help them onboard new properties to their brand portfolio. It needed to be able to replace a largely manual process involving a small team managing spreadsheets and continuous interaction with the stakeholders during a hotel re-fit.
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Digital support for rollout of new hotel brand – having developed a new Hotel concept which required a European, and subsequently global rollout, we were asked to create a solution which facilitated their brand collateral being available online and not just in print, as it had in the past.
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Outsourced Website Development Resource

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