Online system to manage hotel conversions

Online System for Hotel Onboarding

Our end client is one of the largest global hotel companies – with over 5500 hotels, some of the most recognisable brands in the industry and an extensive portfolio. We often work under non-disclosure agreements, so are not able to name them directly but the work we do for them is transferable to many other market sectors, including travel and leisure.

They have an ongoing requirement to assess and onboard new properties to their brand portfolio, which is a long and complicated process, as it touches on every aspect of the hotel. This process was largely manual, based around a small team managing spreadsheets and continuous interaction with the stakeholders managing the hotel refit.

As we have a 15+ year relationship with this client, they asked us to help them to undertake the business process automation of this, by designing and building an online system to take over the laborious parts of the 12 month long project, based on the spreadsheets and anecdotal evidence of how the system was managed previously.

This consisted of over 200 steps, along with multiple workstreams (Food & Beverage, Reception, Housekeeping etc) with a strict order that they needed to be performed in. Some of the steps needed evidence uploaded and approved by head office before they could proceed, some just required them to read a document and others just required them to confirm that they had been done.

This process gives the hotel 12 months from when the contract is signed to doors opening and has been upgraded once in the last five years – it is still being used by the client for all of their onboarding today.

This project was completed by us within 7 months of the initial meeting to discuss it.

Technical Details

This system was built using PHP and was based around our own Content Management System framework. It is hosted on our server and is fully password protected. All of the scoping and workflow was done in-house and all of the design was done in conjunction with our client.

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