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As a special offer to introduce our newest service and show our abilities to you, Kespoke is offering a discounted Digital Consultation with an experienced project manager at Kespoke.

The purpose of the digital consultation is to work out what you have, where it is, who controls it, and is all of the messaging/logos/graphics within them still right for the business. We then propose a plan to consolidate and simplify the management of all of these services.

Frequently we find companies are putting huge amounts of efforts into something that is not where their customers are, so that is something that we will advise on.

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We know that as businesses grow, develop and expand the same happens to their digital footprint, they open social media accounts, create landing pages, set up multiple email addresses, branded email footers and develop their websites. Frequently responsibility for these seperate elements is spread scross the whole business, with staff leaving and new staff joining it can become increasingly difficult to keep track of what you have and where the information is kept.

So for us a Digital Consultation is looking at the following things that you may do;

Corporate website – Is it fit for purpose and reflect the business correctly

Microsites – You may have additional small websites that exist for a specific campaign or purpose, are they still needed & relevent

Email Marketing – How is it constructed, who is the audience, when and how often is it sent. And finally does it drive interaction with your audience

Social Media – Do you have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, who is repsonsible, how is it set up, who manages it and how often is it posted to

Email Footers – Are the consistant, up to date and do all of the links work properly

Additional Domain names – Do you own additional names, where are they stored, who controls them, do they all point to the right place

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This is completely impartial, and not a sales exercise – there are things that you will be able to implement yourself, or ask your existing developer to do. It will also allow us to tell you about some of the things we have built (you can see some examples in the case studies), which may be of use to you and help you in planning your long-term digital strategy.

What is the process?

At the end of the initial 60 minute Zoom conversation, we will send you a detailed contact report showing the agreed outcomes and actions, which we can then go through during a follow-up Zoom call.

As an added bonus, if Kespoke can help you with your digital systems as a result of this session, we will give you 10% off of the final cost of the project.

This offer is only open for a limited time, and is available until 23rd December 2021

The normal cost for this service is £450 + VAT, for a limited time we are offering this for £270 + VAT

Click here to book an initial 30 minute conversation

When your session has been arranged, we will send you a short questionnaire (it should take no more than 10 minutes to fill in) to send back to us before the session, so that we can ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the time you are investing. We would also ask that you choose a time when you are able to commit to the full 30 minutes without distractions.

We are really looking forward to helping you improve your digital world so that you can spend more time growing your business and thinking about the bigger picture.

See some examples of projects we have built in our case studies

Rapid rollout of new brand websites – Explorative and forward thinking, this client continuously creates and tests new dining concepts and formats, which include a mixture of full restaurants and also dark kitchens (where you can only order via a delivery service). As this process of trialling is based on the ‘build fast, fail quickly’ model, it is important that they are able to create a website quickly and economically to support the new brand.
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Online system to manage hotel conversions – this client asked us to create a new system to help them onboard new properties to their brand portfolio. It needed to be able to replace a largely manual process involving a small team managing spreadsheets and continuous interaction with the stakeholders during a hotel re-fit.
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Digital support for rollout of new hotel brand – having developed a new Hotel concept which required a European, and subsequently global rollout, we were asked to create a solution which facilitated their brand collateral being available online and not just in print, as it had in the past.
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About David Horne
David has been teaching, designing and building digital systems for 21 years. For the last 17 of those, he has been working with some of the largest global Franchise networks to design and build systems to help them to manage their Franchisee network. Due to the sensitive nature of the work, we are not able to name the brands directly (we have Non-Disclosure Agreements in place), BUT you have almost definitely stayed in one of their hotel chains, eaten in their restaurants or flown on their planes.

We have built thousands of systems in that time, both large and small, some have only run for a few months and others have been the backbone of seismic changes in how the organisation operates and have run for many years.

"We've worked with the Kespoke team for over 15 years, which I think says it all! Reliable, trustworthy and good value for money - the team works with us to always find a solution to a query/challenge to enable us to deliver quality websites and digital solutions, and have become very much part of the team. Cannot recommend highly enough."

Jackie W