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There are various different ways to find and collate your Website Analytics, but they all use the same basic premises

Web Analytics – The Basics

The basic definition of Web Analytics is

Web analytics is the collection, reporting and finally the analysis of the data collected from your website.

The focus of your analytics should be on identifying measures based on your organisation’s goals and/or your users goals. Then using the data collected from the website to determine the relative success/failure of those goals and then using that to help develop the strategy with the eventual goal of improving the user’s experience of the website.

Content Measuring 

To allow you to effectively get web analysis that is both relevant and effective, you need to create objectives and ‘call to actions’ based around your goals (organisational and user), and then develop KPI’s to measure the relative success/failure of both the objectives and the ‘call to actions’.

Below are some examples to help to clarify this, we are using this site ( as the basis


Item Short definition Examples
Goals The main Goals should align with the reason that you have built the website in the first place.
  • To create a portal that allows potential customers to see the types of projects we work on and then get in contact with us.
Objectives Objectives help to outline what you need to achieve your goals.
  • To be seen by as many potential clients as possible
  • To clearly relay what we do to them
  • To make it easy for potential clients to find us and get in touch
Calls-to-Action Calls-to-action are tasks that site visitors must complete as part of your sites’ goals and objectives.
  • Online users come to the website because it was highly listed on Search engines and the description was clear and concise.
  • User find the website through our social media posts
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Key performance indicators are metrics in which we can measure each CTA.
  • Websites search engine listing for identified and recorded keywords
  • Level of traffic that clearly found us via a search engine searches
  • Level of traffic that found us and went deeper than just the homepage
Targets Targets are thresholds that determine whether
  • Search clickthrough rates for the site should not be lower than 20% of traffic
  • No less than 60% of traffic from search engines clicks further into the site than just the homepage

Acknowledgements to – – for the base research

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