Digital Consultation

How do you digitally interact with the world

This is a term that can mean lots of different things, depending on the circumstances that it is being used in. As a specialist provider of digital and technical services to Marketing Agencies, in this context it relates to how you digitally interact with the world. So for us a Digital Consultation is looking at the following things that you may do;

Corporate website – Is it fit for purpose and reflect the business correctly

Microsites – You may have additional small websites that exist for a specific campaign or purpose, are they still needed & relevent

Email Marketing – How is it constructed, who is the audience, when and how often is it sent. And finally does it drive interaction with your audience

Social Media – Do you have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, who is repsonsible, how is it set up, who manages it and how often is it posted to

Email Footers – Are the consistant, up to date and do all of the links work properly

Additional Domain names – Do you own additional names, where are they stored, who controls them, do they all point to the right place


As businesses grow, develop and expand they develop and expand on their digital footprint, they open social media accounts, create landing pages and develop their websites. Frequently responsibility for these seperate elements is spread scross the whole business, with staff leaving and new staff joining it can become increasingly difficult to keep track of what you have and where the information is kept.

As a business we have seen this in multinational organisations as well as SME’s

The purpose of the digital consultation is to work out what you have, where it is, who controls it, and is all of the messaging/logos/graphics within them still right for the business. We then propose a plan to consolidate and simplify the management of all of these services.

Frequently we find companies are putting huge amounts of efforts into something that is not where their customers are, so that is something that we can advise on.

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