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Facts About Website Accessibility

This quote from a UK Government blog summarises what ‘Accessibilty’ is extremely well

“Our goal is to make our services as accessible as possible; to exclude no one. We do this by trying to make sure that there aren’t any barriers that make it impossible or difficult for anyone to use them. We want our services to be easy to use by everyone. This isn’t always possible though. People can have conflicting requirements and there will be situations that are overlooked due to us being unaware of them.”

Although making your site accessible is not a legal requirement for most websites, it is if you are a Public Sector organisation. But, there are compelling reasons why you should make yours accessible (even if it is not a legal requirement). Making your site friendly and welcoming to all users means that everyone feels included, and you are not excluding potential customers or users from finding out about you. It also says a lot about your business and how you run it, and this is something that might tip the scales in your favour if a potential client is comparing you to a similar service that is not accessible. In today’s super competitive marketplace, you need all the advantages you can get.

We have a lot of experience in making existing websites accessible, and if you want a new site, we can make it accessible from the ground up.  Our team of in-house developers can review your current site and give you ideas about how you could make it more user friendly – and it doesn’t always have to be a costly exercise either.

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Facts about Website Accessibility

1) The current government regulations say public sector bodies must meet the international WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards (

2) There are some ‘drop in’ solutions on the market, and whilst impressive, they can be expensive and still require some configuration.

3) You can find more facts about website accessibility on this UK Government website –

According to who bring disabled people and businesses together:

  • 70% of sites checked for accessibility were to be at a serious lack of accessibility.
  • 90% of disabled users click away from a website rather than report accessibility issues.
  • Since 2009, mobile screen reader usage has increased by 70%.
  • 31% of users use a retail website for online purchases several times a week.
  • There are 8.6 million internet users with access needs in the UK.
  • There are 3 million people that are colour blind in the UK.
  • The Click Away Pound is estimated to be worth £11.75 billion in the UK.
  • 71% of disabled users simply click away from a website when confronted with a problematic website rather than report inaccessibility.
  • Taking averages per head, the online spending power of disabled people is estimated at over £16 billion.
  • 73% of disabled users experienced barriers on more than a quarter of websites they visited.
  • 67% of respondents with access needs cited crowded pages as the most common issue.
  • 80% of customers with access needs will spend their money not on the website that is cheapest, but where faced with the fewest barriers.

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