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For the last 10 years we have helped businesses expand and grow by having an online shop. This can be utterly transformational for a business, opening them up to a global marketplace for the fraction of the cost of opening multiple physical outlets. Not every shop wants to open themselves up to a global audience, and we have had as much success with local businesses that need to remain local (See School Days Direct) as it still offers the main advantage of online shopping which is convenience, no need to leave your home and the shop never shuts.

We have extensive experience of setting up shops using;

  • WooCommerce inside of WordPress, which adds one of the most popular eCommerce solutions to the most popular Content Management System on the Internet.
  • Shopify, the all in one solution for smaller shops, fast to rollout and easy to manage.

2020 has made eCommerce into an essential sales channel for many businesses that may not have thought about it before, and we think it complements, not replaces, existing physical shops.

If you want to chat, email me to organise a call, or better still send us a brief (which could be for a project you have already completed) to see how we approach things.  Our team are multi skilled in design, development, project management and marketing.

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“Last year we decided to update our website with Kespoke to allow us to increase our online sales whilst making the purchasing process faster, easier and clearer for our customers. They clearly understood what we were looking for and interpreted our brief precisely. David, Lisa and the team are a pleasure to work with and we are grateful for their hard work and continued support.”
Samantha (School Days Direct)

School Days Direct – Having initially created their website and first online shop in 2015, Kehorne were tasked with developing their “direct-to-school” offering – creating a new website and secure shopping platform that would enable them to grow their current online shop from 8 to 42 schools in phase one.
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Total Sounds – located in Reading, is a reputable retailer and online dealer specialising in DJ equipment. As well as a fully equipped showroom, they have developed their online presence and hire department, which are continuously growing.
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Oscar and Tilly is a boutique, hands-on business specialising in indulgent and wholesome home and relaxation products. Founder Bernie created the idea over a cup of tea around the kitchen table at her Windsor home after many years of wanting to bring to life her vision of the purely indulgent for mind and home. Inspired by her own love for shopping to create the ultimate ‘hygge’ in her home, which she shares with her Husband and three dogs, she decided to bring her vision to life!
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Don Beni – Kehorne were approached by a local restaurant chain with three locations to build a new website to replace it’s existing site. The brief was to modernise the look and feel, make it easier to manage and to improve its responsiveness, particularly on mobile, which is how the majority of their customers connect.
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The Arts Excite – We built a small site for a local CIC based in Slough using Squarespace, within that they needed a simple shop to sell their courses. As this was for a CIC, it was important that this was as cost effective as possible, using Squarespace allowed us to focus on the ovearal design, so were able to massively reduce the costs of the project. We are commited to helping local charities in our area, and have our own CIC ( to allow us to support them.

Total Sounds Case Study